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Jeweler Manuscript (Extra Earring Slot): This item provides your character with the ability to have a second earring equipped (gear piece). Any gear piece that you can get or upgrade is vital to your character's damage and defensive abilities. I would make this an … Allods Online Review - Games Finder Allods Online is a stand out in the free MMORPG genre and is the perfect alternative for World of Warcraft fans looking to cut back on expenses but still play a great MMO on a regular basis. In Allods Online players will explore a number of floating islands (known as Allods) that have been created after a great conflict. This conflict continues to rage between the game factions as they fight Sale: Radiant Strongbox of the Jeweler - Allods Online

Projects fail, MMOs don't get made or get made and flop all the time. Ultima Worlds Online, anyone? Asheron's Call 2? Dragon Empires?

Mar 08, 2014 · I downloaded gPotato EU's English client (not the NA's because they plan to merge servers and move them to Europe anyway), but I still have the same issue with second instance - the launcher pops up again after first client is launched, but no game session is created for second slot, even if I do "uplink name is1" command in the console. [WTS] Summoner 888777 US Yul - Dec 15, 2012 · I am offering Allods Online account: Summoner 51 lvl runes 888777, end game gear (mix of WH leggy, astral blue/epic), second earring slot, permanent patronage lvl 5, vial of life (anytime stat change), r3 gryphon mount lvl 8, 62 talent point, 49 rubies.

Selling WTS Allods Online Accounts YUL Server (US)!!! Level 51 Paladin and Magician. Discussion in 'Allods Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Games, ...

Items - Allods Online Database. - Slot: Back Bag Cap Cape Charms Chest Deposit Box Ears Feet Finger Hands Head Legs Main Hand Neck Off-Hand Other Outfit Paired Weapons Ranged Weapon Rune Shirt Shoulder Shoulder Decoration Tabard Tears of Dragon Trinket Two-Handed Weapon Underwear Waist Wrists

Tomorrow sees the official reveal of GW2's second expansion. We'll find out how much of the information leaked in May was real (hint: all of it).

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