How to get more gems on line play

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Gems, The Sims FreePlay Questions and answers for iPhone/iPad How can you get more gems? I want to get a new house buti don't have enough gems. Please help, The Sims FreePlay Questions and answers, iPhone/iPad LINE Play, About Invitation Code: The Invitation Code is used mainly to earn gems. To access your invitation code, go to settings, (by tapping the icon in the top right-hand corner with the gear on it,) “profile” and then “invitation code”. Then scroll down until you see the red button which says “+1000” Tap the button and you will see your invitation code. LinePlay Updates - Why do people support the cost of gems and ...

Galactic Gems online. Play free Galactic Gems game online at Big Fish. Collect galactic gems! ... Enjoy better graphics and more levels.

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Line play: my daily routine + how to get 30000 gems on line play! Do forget to subscribe! -peachy.Just so you know, I found these ideas while scrolling online, so you can take off your detective hats, thank You very much. How To Get Free Gems And Cash On Lineplay HOW TO GET CASH COINS ON LINE PLAY FOR FREE This is so ligit I suggest all of you to Do this If you gut liked this HOW-TO video I hope you enjoyed!HOW TO GET UP TO 8000 GEMS EVERYDAY ON LINE PLAY | PEACHY today I teach you how to get more gems on line play... Plunder Pirates Guide: How to Get More Gems | Touch Tap … If you get the Sack of Gems, which is even more expensive, you you will get 400 free Gems, plus 1,000 EP and BP for each purchase. So it’s best to time your purchases: instead of making 4 small ones per month (for example), better make just one bigger one during the same time frame. Bagaimana cara dapet gems banyak di line play? - How to … How to get many gems on line play? Asked by: akirana802.Buka akun Anda lalu masuk. Di sini baga ... read more. ♦Indonesian♦ Berikut adalah langkah-langkah tentang cara melakukan factory reset pada A300.

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line play gems | Tumblr | How to get rich on Line Play! 1. In most cases, if you have Line Play, you also have the Line messaging app by Naver.I photoshopped how it should look like because I didn’t have any new contacts in at the moment). From there on, you just hit "invite" every single contact, and you should get your gems according to the...