Nonlinearity of optimized silicon photonic slot waveguides

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Lin C. Y. et al. Electro-optic polymer infiltrated silicon photonic crystal slot waveguide modulator with 23 dB slow light enhancement. Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 093304 (2010). Wang X. L. et al. Effective in-device r 33 of 735 pm/V on electro-optic polymer infiltrated silicon photonic crystal slot waveguides. Opt. Lett. 36, 882–884 (2011).

We present a novel hybrid silicon-polymer dual slot waveguide for high speed and ultra-low drivingWith the recent breakthroughs in silicon photonics, specifically vertical and horizontalA variety of designs including ridged slot waveguides and segmented slot ... Electronic-Photonic Co-Design of Silicon Photonic Electronic-photonic Co-Optimization of Silicon Transmitter.Silicon photonic interconnects hold great promise in meeting the high bandwidth and low-energy demands of next-generationThis framework enables engineers to optimize high-speed silicon photonics transmitters in the context of a. Silicon Photonics | Dispersion (Optics) | Waves

Feasability of Measuring Radiation Pressure Quantum Back-action in Zipper Photonic Crystal Optomechanical Cavities

Comparative Study of Nano-Slot Silicon Waveguides Covered ... - MDPI Dec 27, 2018 ... Nonlinear optical dyes doped in optical polymer matrices are widely used for ... We present a guideline for an optimized slot-waveguide design for the ... Silicon- organic hybrid (SOH) photonics has gained a lot of attention in ...

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Silicon Photonics: Designing and Prototyping Silicon

Plasmon propagation Kerr nonlinearity Slot waveguide.Lau B, Swillam MA, Helmy AS (2010) Hybrid orthogonal junctions: wideband plasmonic slot-silicon waveguide couplers.Tawfik SA, Swillam MA (2013) Plasmonic slot waveguides with core nonlinearity.

Nonlinearity of optimized silicon photonic slot waveguides Abstract Not Available Bibtex entry for this abstract Preferred format for this abstract (see Preferences): Find Similar Abstracts: Silicon Photonics: Designing and Prototyping Silicon ... The normalized power and intensity in the slot versus slot width. Designing and Prototyping Silicon Waveguides. Fabricating such an optical waveguide prototype and then analyzing it is resource intensive. An alternate, preferred approach is to use numerical tools such as the COMSOL Multiphysics® software. All-optical high-speed signal processing with silicon–organic ... 4-mm-long silicon–organic hybrid waveguide with a record nonlinearity coefficient of g 13105 W21 km21 and perform all-optical demultiplexing of 170.8 Gb s21 to 42.7 Gb s21. This is—to the best of our knowledge—the fastest silicon photonic optical signal processing demonstrated. Silicon processing technology has developed to the extent that Experimental GVD engineering in slow light slot photonic ...